Monte Christo Gardens, Dessert & Cafe
100 Springvale Road
Central Otago
New Zealand
+64 3 449 2268
+64 3 449 2268
Monte Christo Gardens, Dessert & Cafe
Set in the heart of the picturesque gold mining area of Central Otago Monte Christo Dessert Café & Gardens is acknowledged as the birthplace of the wine industry in the region.

When Jean Feraud arrived from France, via the gold fields in Australia he saw the similarities of his homeland for making spectacular wine and proceeded to plant vines and make wine in an area where most said it could not be done.

Now that the grape vines have been replaced by berry canes, tall shady trees and beautiful gardens it’s simply a wonderful place to stop and enjoy our serene, clean surroundings.

Growing our own organic fruit and produce allows Monte Christo Gardens to produce the most delicious desserts that can be enjoyed in the shade of the tranquil garden setting whilst children can be entertained in the fun park.

Our freshly picked produce is available in season.
Open Daily 11am-5pm Dec, Jan, & Feb (except Xmas & Boxing Day)

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Monte Christo Gardens, Dessert & Cafe
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Monte Christo Gardens, Dessert & Cafe
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