Benjer Drinks Co
166 State Highway 8
Central Otago
New Zealand
+64 3 445 4474
+64 3 445 4494
Benjer Drinks Co
Benjer Drinks Co has been juicing fruit in Central Otago for almost 20 years. Now residing in Cromwell on SH8B we have grown our range to include 9 amazing juiced fruit flavours.

Most of the fruits we use are grown in and around CromwelL, by local growers, which we crush and bottle in our factory.

No preservatives, no nasty’s, no added sugar to apple based products and a 24 month best before date, Benjer is all about where the fruit comes from and how it got into the bottle.

Our juices come in two sizes 275ml and 750ml glass bottles. Designed for the cafe and restaurant market, you will also find us in speciality food stores and delis as a point of difference.

We are a boutique juicery who prides itself on making a product that is authentic and true to the fruit used. We are 100% NZ owned and operated.

Benjer Drinks Co – NZ it’s our orchard!


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Benjer Drinks Co
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Benjer Drinks Co
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