Goldfields Mining Centre
803 Kawarau Gorge
Central Otago
New Zealand
+64 3 445 1038
+64 3 445 1037
0800 111 038
Goldfields Mining Centre
Located on the banks of the spectacular Kawarau Gorge, the Goldfields Mining Centre is a historic reserve, protected by New Zealand's Department of Conservation to depict the life and working conditions of Otago's early goldminers.

• Step back in time to visit this unique site where the early miners toiled in search of the elusive gold.

• Follow the paths to the mine shafts and tunnels, the land laid bare by ground sluicing, the Chinese Village and the many heritage sites still in evidence.

• Wonder at the ingenuity of the early miners who brought water to the site from many miles distant to work their claims.

• Marvel at the extraordinary stamper battery used to crush rock, and the awesome power of the California sluice gun both still working today.

• Experience for yourself the thrill of finding gold amongst virgin soil where valuable nuggets are still to be found.

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Goldfields Mining Centre
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Goldfields Mining Centre
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Goldfields Mining Centre
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