Misha's Vineyard Tasting Room
Misha's Vineyard Tasting Room
180 State Highway 8b
Central Otago
New Zealand
+64 3 445 4456
Misha's Vineyard Tasting Room
Enjoy tasting through the range of Misha's Vineyard wines at their sophisticated Tasting Room overlooking Lake Dunstan in Cromwell - the centre of Central Otago wine region.

As well as Pinot Noir, Misha's Vineyard produces a range of aromatic white wines including Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Rosé, Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer from their 57-hectare estate. These wines have all been crafted by internationally-renowned winemaker Olly Masters.

Misha's Vineyard wines are predominantly found in 5-star hotels and fine dining restaurants in more than 20 countries around the world. Enjoy the opportunity to taste these ultra-premium single-vineyard wines whilst visiting Central Otago. Wines can be purchased from the Tasting Room or shipped overseas. You can also enquire about the exclusive Misha's Vineyard Vine Club.

Misha’s Vineyard Tasting Room is located on one of the main roads into Cromwell at 180 State Highway 8B, part of the Freeway Orchard complex, with a large parking area available.

Open Daily: 10am - 4pm. Platters available.
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Mishas Vineyard Tasting Room
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Misha's Vineyard Tasting Room 
Misha's Vineyard Tasting Room 
Misha's Vineyard Tasting Room 
Misha's Vineyard Tasting Room 
Misha's Vineyard Tasting Room
More Info
Misha’s Vineyard is spectacularly located on the edge of Lake Dunstan in the Bendigo sub-region of Central Otago – the Pinot Noir capital of New Zealand. The sun drenched north-west facing terraces of the 57- hectare estate provide optimal conditions for producing world-class Pinot Noir and aromatic white varieties. Owners Andy & Misha Wilkinson established the vineyard with a 'no compromise' philosophy which requires an exacting viticulture regime, hand-picking, and considerate winemaking methodologies, in order to produce premium New Zealand wines to suit a defined and discerning market.

When Misha and Andy were first looking for sites to establish their vineyard in 2003, they were amazed to discover the lakefront terraces of Bendigo Station they had chosen had been home to Chinese goldminers back in the late 1800s. They also realised this land was on State Highway 8, just 8 kilometres from the nearest town of Cromwell and on land that was originally known as Sheep Run 238. In Chinese culture, the number “8” is considered the luckiest of numbers, representing prosperity and good fortune. The Wilkinsons, having lived in Singapore for 17 years, were very familiar with the meaning of the number 8 so thought it was a very auspicious beginning for their “vineyard project”. The goldmining history of the land and the lucky number 8 are part of the Misha’s Vineyard story and have been integrated into the wine labels.

Of the 26 hectares of planted vineyard, two-thirds is planted in Pinot Noir vines where eight clones of Pommard and Dijon vines were selected (all grafted on disease-resistant American rootstock) in order to blend and select for the ultimate in consistency and quality and to produce a complexity of flavours representing the best of New Zealand Pinot Noir. Other varietals planted include Pinot Gris, Riesling, Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, and Gewurtztraminer with internationally renowned winemaker Olly Masters at the helm of the winemaking from the outset.

Misha’s Vineyard was named one of New Zealand’s Top 20 Wine Producers by the esteemed Decanter (UK) magazine and the wines consistently receive outstanding accolades around the world. The wines are now available in premium hotels, restaurants and fine wine retailers in more than 20 countries. 'We have been fortunate to achieve some of the highest ratings from both local and overseas wine critics but, for us, it's not about a particular variety or a specific vintage' said Misha. 'We want the Misha's Vineyard brand to be known for outstanding quality across the range and across all vintages. Our commitment is: you're never going to have a bad Misha's Vineyard wine!'

Please connect with us on our website or on Facebook: Misha’s Vineyard Wines, Twitter @mishasvineyard or Instagram @mishasvineyard

Misha's Vineyard Tasting Room
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