Burn Cottage Vineyard
Central Otago
New Zealand
+64 3 445 3670
Burn Cottage Vineyard
Burn Cottage Vineyard is a unique vineyard and farm in Central Otago, New Zealand . It is owned and operated by the Sauvage Family of Nevada, who have a close association with the New Zealand wine industry.

The 11 hectare vineyard is predominantly planted in the red Pinot Noir grape, with a diversity of 10 of the best quality clones and rootstocks to suit each particular soil combination within the site. The vineyard is part of a wider 28 hectare farm, and the entire Burn Cottage property has been farmed from inception using an integrated, organic and biodynamic approach - without the use of artificial fertilizers or herbicides.

Burn Cottage winemaking is also a very natural process. The winery in Cromwell incorporates traditional techniques along with state of the art equipment, with the aim of producing the finest wine – the truest reflection of the vineyard and its complexities. Tastings are by appointment at our Cromwell winery Monday- Friday Ph: 03 445 3670 Email: sales@burncottage.com

Burn Cottage Vineyard 
Burn Cottage Vineyard
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