Fortune favours the brave - not just those exploring by jet boat!
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Fortune favours the brave - not just those exploring by jet boat!
07 December 2017
Remnant schist stone huts, stone walled water races and hand-stacked tailings stand testament to the hardship miners endured in their search for gold, following its 1877 discovery at isolated Doctors Point.

Worked for thirty-odd years by European and Chinese goldminers, life in this goldmining settlement was primitive and the work physically tough: think bountiful boulders, a shortage of accessible water, and a relentless cycle of searing summers and freezing winters. Returns, though, were good.

Then, in the 1930s’ depression, Doctors Point came alive again when over 70 miners re-worked the site as part of a government relief-work scheme, sluicing the small and narrow beaches, upgrading the main race with steel fluting and reinstating many of the stone huts.

Today, Doctors Point and its extensive workings span half a kilometre and climb 200 metres above the Clutha Mata-au River—a not-to-be-missed heritage window into the lives of those brave and hardy men.

Get up close and personal with Doctors Point and its past by taking a Roxburgh Gorge Trail jet boat tour from Doctors Point jetty to Shingle Creek. Visit
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